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  • Why see a Registered Dietitian?
    A Registered Dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who educates the public on a variety of topics. This person has extensive medical training for disease-specific therapy or nutrient metabolism to achieve your dietary goals. Nutrition can play an important role in immune function and prolonging your genetic outcomes to extend life. Nutrition therapy is helpful for the following areas: Heart disease Diabetes Intestinal Disorders Food Allergies Pregnancy Eating Disorders Food Behavior Issues Weight Loss or Gain Sport's Nutrition Wellness
  • What can I expect at the initial appointment?
    An initial appointment takes approximately 60 minutes. The Dietitian will weigh and measure you in order to calculate your caloric, protein, and fluid needs. Your Body Mass Index is also calculated to assess your weight-to-height status. We will discuss your medical history and food preferences. All medications and supplements will be discussed to improve their absorption and availability. You will leave with appropriate educational material written by me and based on current research in the particular diagnosis.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    All appointments are made by calling my office at 203-267-4090. I accept most insurance plans that offer nutrition under your benefits package. Evening and weekends are available as well. If you are not in the local area or are unable to meet in person, I also offer phone consultation services.
  • What do I need to bring to the first office visit?
    To get the most out of our first meeting, it would be helpful if you brought the following: - List of all medications, vitamins and herbal supplements - Insurance Card - Co-pay, if applicable - Primary Physician's name, address and phone number - Psychotherapist's name, address and phone number
  • How long will I be on a "diet"?"
    The duration of a diet depends upon the medical condition that brought you to an RD. Most chronic diseases such as diabetes, intestinal disorders and heart disease are conditions that require lifetime adherence to a balanced meal plan. Weight loss meal plans are adjusted for maintaining your goal weight.
  • Do I need to exercise?
    Exercise is part of any meal plan that I design. It is beneficial for adequate sleep, work performance and longevity. Even people who are at their Ideal Body Weight are encouraged to do regular cardiovascular and strength-training exercise.
  • Is it a problem that I am registered with a franchise weight loss companies like "Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutraSystem, etc.?"
    Making the transition from a franchise weight loss company to my lifestyle plan is not a problem. I use our first session to assess past dietary programs and incorporate what you have already learned into achievable goals for your current situation. My program emphasizes changes to previous behaviors that have impeded your goals. We will work together and continually re-assess what works for you. Everyone that I work with has their own learned behaviors that influence their outcome.
  • Will I have to shop at a health food store?
    All the meal plans that I design are based on your preferences. I do not write any plan that will not work for you due to the poor compliance data that can occur. Most whole grains, fruits and vegetables can be purchased at your local supermarket. If you want to try some foods that are not available in a supermarket, then I can suggest some health food stores or web-based retailers that fit into your budget and lifestyle.
  • I'm a vegetarian. Do you have programs that will work for me?
    I can do any meal plan as a vegetarian diet. At our first meeting, I will be able to assess what type of vegetarianism you follow. I have complete knowledge of the five different categories of vegetarian diets and can even work with children who choose a completely plant-based life. All vegan clients are provided recipes and resources to meet all their dietary recommendations for vitamins and minerals.
  • Is food provided in your meal plans?
    No food is provided because all preferred foods can be purchased locally. I educate you on supermarket shopping and reading food labels. Seasonal produce is encouraged and organic foods can fit judiciously into any budget. I encourage farmers markets during the summer and fall to take advantage of eco-friendly seasons.
  • Can you help me make the right choices for me before and after gastric bypass surgery?
    Gastric bypass surgery is difficult to undertake for anyone involved in the surgical process. I routinely see clients before and after this surgery to assess their caloric and protein requirements. I familiarize you with the food limits, complications and potential for addiction-transfer. All clients who undergo this procedure are required to consult with a psychologist and a Registered Dietitian prior to the surgery.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Yes. Edy is a participating provider for: Medicare, Anthem BCBS, Oxford, Aetna, Cigna, Connecticare, United Healthcare.
  • What areas do you service?
    We are located in Southbury, but I have clients all over Western Connecticut.
  • I am unable to leave my house. Can you still help me?
    Yes! I offer Telehealth appointments and provide you with a patient portal to manage your account, review meal plans and other documentation, and send secure communication between us.

Ready to Get Started?

Let's talk about your nutritional needs. To book a consultation or to learn more information, please call me, send an email, or simply click the link below and fill out the form. 

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